Letters to the Editor

Letter | Columnist off the mark on Obama and immigration plan

Re: June 21 op-ed from Froma Harrop, " Mixed up on Immigration"

I don't know who Ms. Harrop's audience is, because what she is asking them to believe is astounding. She wants the immigration reform bill passed because we can trust the President to follow the law. She even intimates that the President is the "deporter in chief".

The very idea of trusting this administration is laughable. I can not think of a recent news event that he administration did not lie about: Fast and Furious; Benghazi; Obamacare; and the IRS scandal, just to name a few.

Ms. Harrop wants the audience to believe that under the administration they deported more people than the last administration and even that's a lie because this administration started counting turn-around immigrants (those caught at the border and immediately returned) as deportations which is same as a lie when those numbers are compared with those of the last administration.

The current disaster at the border, perhaps 50,000 new immigrants this year alone, is unmanageable and has many of these women and children living in deplorable conditions. The administration has denied access to the media and told the border guards not to take pictures of their living conditions. Many of the immigrants have been released on the condition that they report to the courthouse when they get settled. Good luck on that one. They will surely come to court along with the convicted felons released last month. Totally and for sure.

Let's get back to trusting the administration to follow the law. The Dream act did not get passed in Congress so what did our law-abiding President do? He issued an executive order, "The Dream Act." What message did that send across the border? Bring your children here and they will not be returned.

Whoops, with $17 trillion in debt, another $50 trillion in unfunded liability, can we also take on 100,000 or 200,000 new immigrants on public assistance? Also, how many American citizens will be replaced in those low-paying jobs by these illegal immigrants? Whoops again.

It's called unintended consequences, when we do something that is not so well thought out, and for political reasons sometimes bad things happen, ergo, the border mess.

Ms. Harrop, I can't believe you trust this administration. By the way, if you like your insurance and doctor you can keep them. Period.

The writer lives in Longs.