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Letters | Visiting bicyclists need to learn rules of the road; Take deeper look before blaming Bikefest for Myrtle Beach violence; Kudos to area leaders who banned tents on beaches

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Visiting bicyclists need

to learn rules of road

I'm a part-time resident in Myrtle Beach and each morning I enjoy walking my dog down 17th Avenue South to get our morning newspaper. The last few years it has been very scary walking on the sidewalk.

These students come riding on the sidewalk expecting you to move out of their way. They must think it is a bike route. Can't we have their sponsors instruct them on bicycle etiquette. It’s not just not one or two but many who are running us off the sidewalk. They even come from behind without warning.

If there is someone giving them bikes, they need to give them some common rules for the bicycle. It is really unsafe for walkers.

Carol Katawczik

Myrtle Beach


Take deeper look

before blaming rally

The rush to eliminate the Memorial Day Bike Rally may be a little premature. While this annual event has always caused congestion, noise and added expense for public services, it has never been known for violence until now. It might also be noted that the acts of violence occurred some 20 miles from the event's main location.

Placing the blame squarely on the rally doesn't explain everything.

In the weeks since Memorial Day we have experienced an equal number of shootings and murders which did not create such a whirlwind. Local media rarely has a week of news that does not have a story about a shooting or homicide. That, plus the fact that our state's homicide rate ranks among the country's highest, might indicate a much deeper problem.

So, before we make too many conclusions, maybe a more in depth look should be taken. We may just find a number of reasons for what is occurring.

Paul Compton

Little River


Kudos to leaders

who banned tents

We just returned from our annual one-week vacation in Myrtle Beach and I know that the banning of tents on the beach was a controversial issue. I just want to say our trip this year was so much better than previous years. The tents had gotten out of control. They took up large amounts of real estate and then folks would also have chairs, etc outside the tent area. The beaches were crowded due the tents and it was becoming unsightly.

This year with no tents took us back to before the tent rage. The beach had more area available and looked like a beach again.

I just want to thank the town of North Myrtle Beach and the mayor’s office for bringing back the beach. We have been coming to Myrtle for 15 years and after last year were ready to start looking for a new beach without all the tents. We can now stay where we are since it is much more pleasurable without the tents.

Barry Sterling

Fairfax Station, Va.

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