Letters to the Editor

Letter | Obama-bashing reaching new highs; ratings hit lows

I personally find the Obama-bashing going on these days to be atrocious. Even in the face of the outstanding financial recovery during his two terms in office, the polls still indicate that many feel he has not handled that well.

Of course the polls on his foreign policy are not as big a surprise given the volatile situations in places like Libya, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Ukraine and now, once again, Iraq. Only 37 percent seem to recognize that all of these places would have had the same problems no matter who was president, but Obama has not blindly and naively put us into the middle of all these messes as past administrations have done.

No, he has continued to walk the tightrope of diplomacy to not further kill off our youth on the other side of the world and continue tripling our national debt. Fifty-seven percent disapprove of his policies, and I guess want to jump into these ill-advised wars.

Obama’s overall approval ratings were just 41 percent, and when asked their predictions for the rest of his term, 54 percent said he can’t lead, compared to 42 percent who consider him to be a good leader. Also recently, 41percent said that their views on Obama had gotten worse, while only 15 percent said they had gotten better. However it should be pointed out that these ratings are similar to any president in the middle of their second term when the ratings are always low.

However I do think that Obama has been and is a very good president, and we as Americans should be proud to claim his as our leader. I have never agreed with everything any president has done, but for me, Obama is right up there with the best.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.