Letters to the Editor

Letter | Viewing ‘Redskins’ as a term of respect

I just read the article in the May 25 paper about disrespect and the derogatory tone that the word "Redskin" brings upon our Native American people, who owned this land before foreigners entered the picture.

Now, our Washington D.C. senators want to have the owners and team change their name. Wasn't it Washington that initiated war against the Native Americans to forcibly move them off of their lands, at gun point, to "reservations" that are in some of the most remote and desolate areas of this country?

Maybe, Washington felt the need to give something to the Native American and they named their team "The Redskins" in respect. This name is sacred and is in honor of the true dedication that Native Americans had to hold and protect their land for intruders.

And now, they want to take that away. The names of Redskins. Braves, Chiefs, Indians, Warriors, Seminoles, etc are all meant with the respect for that fighting for their country; as we non-native Americans fight for our country now.

How in the world do the Black Hawks get away with that name? I have been a Redskin fan since 1970 and am proud to be known as a Redskin fan. I am also proud to own an Indian Head nickel and penny. What possessed our government to use an Indian head? Was it to boast of having conquered them and sent them away to places where they can't bother new Americans, or was it in respect for the true love of their land, tribes and family and the willingness to fight for it and not give it up?

I believe thae latter.

The writer lives in Garden City.