Letters to the Editor

Letters | Tow companies should have to clean up crash debris; Letter further divides sides; Ban alcohol to solve area’s woes

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Road safety

Companies should

clean up crash debris

When a towing company responds to an accident, I feel it would be beneficial to all communities that the towing companies be responsible for the cleaning and removal of all the debris and parts involved with the accident that are laying on roadways, not just sweeping it all to the curb.

Lem Donelson

Myrtle Beach


Ban drinking

to solve problems

Since Myrtle Beach did nothing to save the Pavilion and rides, which were tourist attractions, put a ban on tents on the beach when a size ordinance would have worked just as well, ran off the Shriners and now the DRC is taking money from the Oceanfront Merchants Association

So some of the tourist events may not occur, and to all those who are trying to get rid of both bike weeks you are going about it the wrong way. As stated in my letter to the editor in 2008, get rid of alcohol and that will cure all your problems.

Walt Graves

Little River


Letter served to

further divide us

Re: June 16 letter from Jay Stewart, “Swap some Dems to get soldier home”

Really. What purpose did publishing his letter serve other than giving voice to a hate monger whose only interest is increasing divisiveness in our country?

Lamont Heppe

Calabash, N.C.