Letters to the Editor

Letter | What’s the logic on Myrtle Beach area road construction plans?

Where is the vision concerning S.C. 31? It seems that 31 is going to swing east and come in around Friendship Road at Hwy 707. That is two miles from Holmestown Road, as was originally planned.

S.C. 31 is a north-south super highway and should continue that way and connect to Interstate 26 and Interstate 95 near St. George.

The other head-scratcher is S.C. 22, which stops at U.S. 501. Hwy 22 should complete the loop and connect to relieve the south end. From north to south we get access over the waterway at Hwy 9, the North Myrtle Beach Swing Bridge, Main Street, Barefoot Landing, Grande Dunes, Grissom Parkway, 501, Harrelson Boulevard, the Socastee swing bridge, and S.C. 544. The next isn’t until Georgetown, 25 miles away.

The south end will get another waterway crossing less than 3 miles from 544. Really? Yes, an expanded 707 will be a blessing, but 31 swinging in to Friendship Lane? It doesn't really help Murrells Inlet, Litchfield or Pawleys Island at all.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.