Letters to the Editor

Letter | Don’t hide your views behind anonymity

You know, I am concerned about a lot of things lately. But, one thing of late really rattles my cage.

I look day after day at the TV images of people doing horrible, or at best, less than honorable things while they are wearing face masks. Just look at Boko Haram in Africa. Most of their soldiers who are committing the murders/kidnappings/rapes and other crimes wear masks. Look at the pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine. Masked as well. No accountability there. Al-Qaeda, arguably the worst and most prolific rogues in the world, also wear masks. Anonymity gives those who use it a considerable amount of power over those of us who do not.

Just think of being able to say or do anything you want without having to pay the consequences. In the cases above we see that you can rape, pillage, plunder and kill while hiding behind the mask of obscurity.

I ranted about all of the above to say that it appears many people today feel they can go online anonymously and comment on stories, people, events, topics, etc., with no accountability at all. Many people obviously feel comfortable wearing that mask of invisibility. A lot of the things that come from their mouths (i.e., keyboards) make me wonder if they would have the gumption to say the same thing, or express the same opinion(s) if they had to tag their name to it. I think the anonymous rant gives many users the freedom to do so with no repercussions, and as such nothing holds them back.

I believe this is something that should not be catered to and I would like to see any online publication require identity before allowing anyone to submit their opinion. We all know that everyone has an opinion, and in this country above all others, all should be allowed to express it when they wish. They should only be required to do it without the mask of obscurity that many sites allow, and too many people enjoy.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach

Editor’s note: The Sun News site, MyrtleBeachOnline.com requires commenters to have a legitimate Facebook account before they can reply to articles.