Letters to the Editor

Letter | Veterans, teachers deserve better from us

Veterans' care throughout the U.S. is terrible and degrading. In my opinion, the medical care of these brave men and women, who chose to defend our freedom in this wonderful country, should be top priority in all of our hospitals, especially VA hospitals, when they come home.

Also, teachers salaries. Why is this such a problem for those shaping the minds of our children, the future leaders of this great country. Their pay, if they qualify, should be among the highest along with football players and others.

As a proud American citizen, it is heartbreaking to see our government let these special people "fall by the wayside."

It is my fervent prayer that those who have bravely defended our country and the deserving teachers, be treated as they should be.

Research before you vote, and maybe with the right leaders, we can get this country back on track.

The writer lives in Longs