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Letters | What’s status of S.C. hacking probe?; Couple’s generosity restores faith in humanity; Bah to those who encouraged Harley rally events in Surfside

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What’s status

of hacking probe?

The U.S. Justice Department has indicted Chinese military officials of international cyberspying/hacking into several U.S. nuclear and solar power plants, steel companies, technology companies, and even a labor union.

Governor Haley, what's the status of investigations into the computer hacking/identity theft of S.C. state income tax returns of a couple years ago?

Some tax payers got letters about free credit report monitoring for a year. But what's the status of any arrests/indictments/punishments of the guilty parties?

You, as the top S.C. state official, owe all S.C. state income tax filers a speedy conclusion, with the guilty parties found and dealt with in a strict, lawful manner.

Kathryn Stohr

North Myrtle Beach


Couple pays it forward,

restores faith in humanity

With all the bad that happens all around us, there is still good to report. On Sunday before Memorial Day, an African-American couple, young veterans, paid for lunch for 13 people including two 93-year old-veterans and an 81-year-old Vietnam veteran.

They left anonymously and I want to thank them for their generosity and love shown to an older crowd that was shocked to hear from the waitress at North Myrtle Beach Applebee's that the entire bill had been paid. May God continue to shine his blessings upon such a precious couple.

Priscilla Rowan

Surfside Beach


Bah to those who encouraged

rallygoers in Surfside Beach

I have a prayer for those who put on bike rally events in Surfside Beach, and for those who rented to them that God would send a harassing spirit to them as he did King Saul, that they would have no peace day or night.

Colleen McAleer

Surfside Beach