Letters to the Editor

Letter | 5 reasons to question support for Obama

These are five reasons that everyone who voted for Obama should wake up tomorrow morning and look themselves in the mirror and ask themselves "What was I thinking"!

1. Obamacare: He lied. "You can keep your plan and your premiums will not go up and you will save $2,500 per year.”

2. NSA: He lied. "We are not spying on Americans or foreign diplomats." Ask the Chancellor of Germany about this one.

3. Benghazi: He lied. "This attack was caused by a video." This was obviously done to protect his re-election campaign, and four brave Americans died.

4. Veterans Administration: He lied. He said on the campaign trail that he would "Fix the problems with the wait times for the VA." Here it is 4.5 years later and he has done nothing and more brave Americans have died.

5. National security: He lied. I wonder how the brave Americans who risked their lives to capture these known terrorists who were trade for one deserter feel about this. We as Americans will soon reap horrible consequences from this exchange.

Pres. Obama will go down as the most unqualified, untruthful and un-American president in the history of this great country.

Lord help us for the next 18 months. It can't be over soon enough.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach