Letters to the Editor

Letters | Columnist’s return brings same perspectives; Police need to set driving safety standards; Visiting grads perform random act of kindness

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Issac Bailey

Columnist’s return brings

same perspectives

I honestly was not aware Mr. Bailey had left and only discovered today he had returned. I had diverted my eyes away from his articles long ago. I am very sorry to find he has serious health problem. I sincerely hope his health improves.

I find it odd that on one of his first articles back he dedicates over one half the article lambasting some idiot's letter slamming him. His reply is argumentative and combative. The remaining article is defending the Bikefest while slamming Harley fest and Charleston. I guess it's true, some things never change. Now I remember why I stopped reading his rants.

Tommy McCorkle

Myrtle Beach


Police need to set

standard in safety

I agree texting and driving can be dangerous but so is talking on your cell phone. The police seem to be the worst offenders. Watch them, they’re easy to spot.

Every other car on the road is a police car in Horry County. Who are they talking to, each other? Come on guys, hang up and watch where you’re going.

Johnny Thomas

Murrells Inlet


Visiting grads

perform rescue

In my three years as a Cherry Grove resident, I’ve seen and heard bikers, spring breakers, graduates, and families enjoying everything this beach community has to offer. Too often, young peoples’ partying gets out of hand requiring police intervention to restore order, sometimes involving handcuffs or even an ambulance.

This is the story of a couple of graduates who happened to be walking past my beach house. Not having access to a ladder, I was looking for someone to help me return a stranded barn swallow fledgling to its nest. These two young men immediately responded to my request with compassion and enthusiasm, climbing up on their own car to achieve the rescue. As they continued on their way, they volunteered their services should additional help be necessary.

I greatly appreciate their effort and kindness, and hope they realize what a loving service they provided to the helpless bird.

Jim Naughtin

North Myrtle Beach