Letters to the Editor

Letter | NBA players demonstrated right way to compete

The NBA championship playoffs between two giants of the basketball world was a profound experience. What incredible role models these teams, their players, coaches and owners were to those of us who believed what they accomplished was impossible.

Two very distinctly different, humanly diverse, top-of-the-mountain athletes showed what can be done when ideals and behaviors are importantly managed. The mutual respect, admiration, humility, patience, and acceptance of the realities were indeed beautiful to see.

Two teams, looking to reach the pinnacle with multiple nationalities, philosophies, backgrounds and beliefs getting along together under the most stressful and demanding circumstances. What examples for young athletes, families, other sports organizations, businesses, schools, and indeed for our governments, local and federal to emulate.

No fights, no outbreaks, no mud-slinging … just honest, hard work and talent to accomplish a goal that will benefit not only their group, but could also help the entire world of decision-making be more effective.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.