Letters to the Editor

Letter | Apply business logic to Myrtle Beach area’s motorcycle rallies

If we were all investors in a business, which as taxpayers in a resort community we all are, we would be required by lenders to complete a Cost Benefits Analysis on activities such as motorcycle rallies.

If we completed that analysis thoroughly, comprehensively and totally without prejudice, it is possible that both rallies could be cancelled from our business portfolio. But, it is a very good bet that the Atlantic Bike week would be the very first to be eliminated because of excessive cost and little benefit — very poor return on investment.

Instead, I’m reading articles about how our elected leaders want to pour more of our hard-earned taxes into May security. That makes no sense. If Atlantic Beach insists on continuing with their rally, that’s fine. Let Atlantic Beach pay the bill for countywide security and assume the full liability for all damages – including our reputation.

Why should the rest of us pay that bill for them? Does your neighbor pay for incremental security or associated damages if or when you throw a party? No, you are fully responsible for it. This is not complicated. We only make it complicated by trying to be politically correct with Atlantic Beach. If anyone has ever completed a cost benefits analysis on these events, I respectfully request you contact The Sun News to have it published. We taxpayers have a right to see it. But I suggest we not hold our collective breaths.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.