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Letters | Kudos to Myrtle Beach for funding pet shelter; Reese deserves vote in Tuesday run-off; Setting record straight in Dist. 5 for Servant endorsement; Obey yield signs in Surfside Beach;

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Kudos to MB

for funding pets

I would like to commend Mayor John Rhodes and the Myrtle Beach Council for increasing the Humane Society's funding.

The Humane Society will be able to continue providing service to city residents and save abandoned or homeless animals. Myrtle Beach made a humane, ethical decision to increase Humane Society funds.

The City of Myrtle Beach sets a compassionate example, I hope other cities will follow.

Patti Pacileo

Myrtle Beach


Support Boyd,

a true public servant

Reese Boyd is the right man to represent District 5 on Horry County Council. His strong experience in law, business, and government service qualifies him as the true public servant in this runoff. He is a man of integrity, who can help govern our county more cost-effectively.

His opponent, Tyler Servant, participated in only one of seven public debates, perhaps because he fears addressing issues without a script. For the TV debate, he read or memorized feel-good answers — he acted like a candidate but doesn’t have the experience, understanding or judgment to represent us effectively. Life is not a dress rehearsal: Voters, don’t let Tyler Servant practice on us. Please join me in voting for Reese Boyd to best represent our interests.

Barbara Happe Van Blarcum

Pawleys Island


Surfside Beach drivers:

Please note ‘Yield’ signs

This is to remind drivers that the yield signs on the frontage road in Surfside Beach aren't just for decoration.

I had the ever-fun task of cleaning up a broken jar of spaghetti sauce that hit the floor of my vehicle when I had to slam on my brakes due to another driver's complete disregard for the yield sign. I can't even count how many times a week I see someone not yielding to the drivers coming off of Hwy. 17 Business.

Drivers must pay better attention and do a better job obeying all traffic signs. I'm afraid that one of these days I'll be reading about someone being killed because of an ignored yield sign. These are small things that can make a huge difference.

Brian Mychajluk

Murrells Inlet


Setting record straight

on candidate endorsement

Re: June 18 letter from John E. Bonsignor, “Boyd best choice for Horry Council”

I read with interest the letter to the editor in which Mr. Bonsignor endorses Reese Boyd. Further, he draws comparisons between Mr. Boyd and my husband, the late Terry Cooper.

Though I appreciate the compliments, it should be noted that my family has endorsed Tyler Servant since he announced his candidacy for the 5th District Horry County Council seat. It is time for new ideas and leadership.

We need a councilman who has the ability to build alliances on all levels of government, to make the South Strand a better place to live and work, one who is passionate about the way of life for all in Horry County and District 5. In Tyler Servant I see all these things and more.

Elizabeth Huff Cooper

Murrells Inlet