Letters to the Editor

Letters | Playing the political blame game with the VA; Take the opportunity to recycle; Could Myrtle Beach, CCU partner on performing arts?

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Playing the political

blame game

After reading Jim Watkins June 9 letter, (“ VA problems endemic, not reflection of sitting president“) letter regarding the Veterans Administration problems, I would like to offer him and all Democrats a very simple but effective slogan: "Whatever the problem, the buck always stops with a former Republican president, preferably a Bush."

Bert Kuthe

Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.


Your actions can

make a difference

We are certainly all aware of the increasing challenges of climate change and of the ubiquitous debates pertaining to fossil fuel drilling and carbon emissions. It is accurate to say that our dear planet is in a precarious environmental position.

And so it bewilders and disheartens me that such a large number of people in this area do not bother to recycle. In the city limits, our recycled items are even picked up curbside on garbage days, and the city provides the containers.

It is unconscionable to me that so many folks don't care enough to keep recycled materials out of our landfills. Every home has empty bottles, cans, papers, and cardboard boxes that should be put out for recycle. If you live outside the city and do not have pickup service, you can drop it off at one of the many area recycle centers. There is no reason for anyone not to take this one simple step.

Piper Belanger

North Myrtle Beach

Performing arts

Could Myrtle Beach, CCU

work together on center?

I have been following with interest the discussion on building a Myrtle Beach Performing Arts Center. Like so many folks here, I moved from a metropolitan area and love my new home, but I do miss the easy access to a wide range of entertainment. Coastal Carolina University offers outstanding concerts and theater productions, but there is a bit of a hodge-podge of rather small venues on the campus in Conway. Finding what is available there is like unearthing a treasure.

So here is my suggestion: Could there be cooperation between the supporters of the new center in Myrtle Beach and CCU in Conway? There seems to be undeveloped land around the campus that could be used and the university is growing already. Frances Marion University and Florence worked together to establish a performing arts center there. I raised my family in Huntington W.Va. and the "town and gown" relationship was so beneficial to the whole community with the Artists' Series.

Barbara Campbell

Pawleys Island