Letters to the Editor

Letter | New S.C. texting law mostly smoke and mirrors

I notice that the state politicians are reeking of pride over their recently passed legislation making it illegal to text while driving.

Although the effort is appreciated and needed, the new law gives new meaning to the term smoke and mirrors. It is my understanding that law enforcement can not examine the history or confiscate the phone of someone they observe driving and texting.

What's to prevent drivers from placing their cell phones on their laps or seat and then reaching down to enter their message? I don't think violators would need a law degree to defend themselves in court. I can envision a defendant stating, "but your honor, my thigh was itching and I was just reaching down to scratch it."

Sounds like reasonable doubt to me.

Instead of exaggerating the benefits of the legislation, maybe Sens. Luke Rankin and Vincent Sheheen should try getting a consensus among legislators to strengthen the law’s enforcement provisions and prohibit the use cell phones while driving entirely.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.