Letters to the Editor

Letters | Graham shouldn’t be complacent after win; Support Atwater for state education chief; Reese Boyd best man for Dist. 5 job

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Graham shouldn’t

be complacent

I saw the cartoon in the June 14 paper with the dog depicting the large 56 percent of the primary vote going to Lindsey Graham. If I were Lindsey Graham it would concern me that 44 percent of the Republicans voted against me.

I am 72 years old and a lifetime Republican and one of those 44 percent. I think 44 percent is a large expression of dissatisfaction and I wouldn't casually dismiss those voters.

Jack Powell



Atwater best choice

for education chief

Please mark your calendars to vote on Tuesday, in the run-off for Sally Atwater for State Superintendent of Education. This is time for us to get out and put a stop to Common Core education and put the local communities and parents in charge of our children's education.

We need S.C. standards for S.C. children. We also need our schools regulated so that our small children have more time for recess and relaxation. We need longer lunch periods so that our children do not have to gobble their food without chewing it. Parents need a say. There is more to life than test scores and prizes. There is something called mental health.

Pat Milley


District 5

Boyd deserves

your vote Tuesday

As a senior citizen who has been a home owner in District 5, I will not be voting for Tyler Servant. He is inexperienced to the issues of the South Strand; he refuses to give his agenda by debating his opponents; and most importantly he is not a thinking visionary man.

As a senior, I know Reese Boyd is the better choice. He understands the important issues dealing with seniors; he will go to bat for us veterans; he is a fiscal conservative; and will fight for the southern evacuation plan. He has worked in the past in his position as vice chair of the Horry County Republican Party with Sen. Ray Cleary and Rep. Nelson Hardwick.

Vote Reese Boyd. He will fix the pot holes; fight crime; has a plan on how to cope with bike week; and control leaves and brush fire burning, which affect people with asthma and emphysema.

Stan Cook

Murrells Inlet