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Letters | Boyd best choice for Horry County Council; Urge Myrtle Beach leaders to support Humane Society

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Boyd best choice

for Horry council

Now that the dust of the primaries are over, the next step for the voters of the 5th County Council District, is to choose between Reese Boyd, or Tyler Servant to represent them.

To me, Reese possesses the same qualities, drive, and perseverance as did the prior legislators of the 5th, i.e. the late Jean McDowell; the late Terry Cooper, and the Honorable Howard Barnard, they all had a positive presence of good leaders, they solved problems with good solutions and had the vision to make the South Strand a wonderful place to live and work. Reese Boyd has these same traits and will represent the district in the same manner, dedication and with honor and distinction.

I got to know Reese during the primary campaign and can assure the voters in the 5th district he has the intelligence, acumen and a positive attitude to represent the residents of the district with distinction and service. Your vote for Reese Boyd is a vote for progressive, he will not let you down.

John E. Bonsignor

Myrtle Beach


Urge Myrtle Beach

to support Humane Society

Please email or call the members of Myrtle Beach City Council and our Mayor, John Rhodes, requesting that they provide adequate funding to the Grand Strand Humane Society so that they may continue to save homeless animals and provide a service to city residents.

Sandy Brown,the director of the humane society is an asset to the humane society and city residents. Please help them before it is too late. There is no justifiable excuse for the city not providing adequate funding to the humane society that serves Myrtle Beach residents.

Patricia Pacileo

Myrtle Beach


Guns don’t kill people,

people with guns kill people

As I read coverage of concerns about whether the recent shootings will scare vacationers away from Myrtle Beach I am dumbstruck and amazed at our leaders' apparent obliviousness to the direct link between laws and outcomes.

South Carolina is a state that is concerned about individual rights to the extent that anyone can ride a motorcycle without a helmet, but unconcerned about the fact that accidents produce traumatic head injuries that result in major health care costs that must be absorbed by someone (often the state). South Carolina wants citizens to be able to buy a gun and carry it concealed (translation: hidden so potential victims are unaware of the danger they face) but then is shocked and distraught that the people carrying these hidden guns get in arguments and pull the guns out and start shooting. Duh.

Why would you carry a concealed weapon into a social situation unless you anticipated a need to shoot it? Are the legislators unable to make the connection that if you support allowing your citizens and visitors to engage in potentially dangerous behaviors then you will get dangerous and often lethal outcomes?

Joyce Dunn

Carolina Shores, N.C.