Letters to the Editor

Letter | It’s time to disinvite guests who can’t behave

It would seem common sense that if one has a guest/s in one's home and that guest refuses to abide by the rules of the house, exhibits crude behavior and ignores the laws of the community in which they find themselves that that guest is no longer welcome in the home/ community.

I have been here as a transplant for two years. I have seen the very acceptable behavior of the Harley-Davidson folks. I had heard from the locals horror stories of the Memorial Day weekend and saw it for myself. I think their mamas would be ashamed at their behavior, riding out into intersections at a red light and holding up traffic so groups of motorcyclists can cruise through against the light is just one example of bad behavior. And wearing next to nothing on the back of a bike is just gross. Do they not realize that there could be children in the car behind them who do not need to be exposed to that exhibition? I am sure that others could come forward with such examples.

Again, why are these "guests" re-invited every year only to repeat the bad behavior? Why do we have to have legions of law enforcement men and women to protect the residents? This is all too silly to comprehend.

If they were in my house, I would lock the door and turn out the lights. Or is that just too much common sense?

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.