Letters to the Editor

Letter | Greenville visitor won’t return after rally experience;

I can't believe what I read about the Atlantic Beach mayor on this past bike rally. He said they were well behaved and it was a well run event. It was organized.

I guess after eight confirmed shootings, three killed and seven treated at the hospital and no one arrested makes it well organized.

I think the mayor of Atlantic Beach should be held responsible since they were his guest and he was the host.

The mayor should spend about 15 minutes on Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach between Ninth Avenue South and Third Avenue South and see how his guests are acting. (Speeding, loud engine noise, driving between cars, stopping in the middle of the road to talk, people hanging out of cars, ignoring other drivers, and half nude women hanging off the back of motorcycles.)

There were more arrest and more tickets given out. I also think Myrtle Beach should ask the National Guard for help and put a couple of speed bumps on each block of Kings Highway.

I also think the next time the Atlantic Beach mayor invites guest here. he should keep them in Atlantic Beach. I will not be back.

The writer lives in Greenville.