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Letters | Why not add hotel surcharge to pay for summer Myrtle Beach police coverage?; Letters show newspaper’s liberal lean; Limbaugh only telling it like it is

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Public Safety

Why not add surcharge

to pay for added police?

Myrtle Beach city council’s proposal to raise property taxes for its year-round homeowners to hire additional police officers,hardly seems fair.

I don't think many homeowners would disagree that additional police officers could be used for special events/holiday weekends. I think residents would agree, visitors should pay a hotel surcharge for their stays to assist in the security during events.

Possibly, this would generate enough funds to reallocate police officers from nearby towns on an as-needed basis. Why can't our towns share personnel and the expense in covering events?

Thomas Pamatat

Myrtle Beach

Opinion page

Letter selections

show liberal bias

I notice The Sun News constantly publishes letters complaining about David Limbaugh. Yet, I rarely see letters published that complain about the numerous liberal columnists in The Sun News like Issac Bailey, Froma Harrop and Leonard Pitts.

I know the Sun News does not publish all letters of complaint because I personally sent two letters complaining about Lee Judge's anti-Christian cartoon that were never published. Like most media, this newspaper leans hard to the left. But you can at least put on the pretense of being fair and balanced.

By the way, I happen to find Limbaugh's columns refreshing, insightful and honest. He is not afraid to call out this poor excuse of a president we are stuck with.

Joe Macellaro

Murrells Inlet


Columnist only

telling it like it is

Recent letters have criticized columnist David Limbaugh for calling Pres. Obama a phony. What is wrong with speaking the truth?

In another life, I was in the military. We had a saying back then about some folks: "They had been promoted above their level of competence." Mr. Obama's favorite response is "I didn't know anything about it," (see NSA, IRS, VA, Benghazi, etc.). One would be hard pressed to even say that Mr. Obama is "present" although he is very familiar with the term.

But of course, he fired all of those incompetent managers who allowed these things to happen on his watch, didn't he? Don't remember that. The term "phony" doesn't begin to cover the territory of the various adjectives that could be applied. But "phony" does seem to fit the comment Mr. Limbaugh made about the lack of a pipeline decision.

A. George Branch

Myrtle Beach