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Letters | Myrtle Beach clinic provides veterans with quality care; Think before hiring more officers in Myrtle Beach; Memorial Day madness unbearable to visitor with deep Horry County roots

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Local clinic provides

quality care

Even though it is not a hospital, I have been treated at the Veterans Administration clinic here for the last 20 years, and have never had to wait very long to be seen, including at the hearing aid department.

The doctors, nurses and other staff have always been friendly and efficient. I always felt they had my interests at heart.

The current problem with the Veterans Administration hospitals, has never been witnessed by me at this facility.

John Platt

Myrtle Beach


Think before spending

on hiring police

The recent events in Myrtle Beach have caused anger and disgust among most of us residents of Myrtle Beach. However, it would be an overreaction to immediately push for 30 more police officers for the city of Myrtle Beach.

The city needs to look at a surge plan that allows additional protection for the few high-risk events during the year, as well as some additional protection for the other three months of summer. For most of the summer, tourists come here and respect the values of our city.

There will always be a criminal during this time that will require some additional enforcement. An overreaction plan that calls for 30 additional police officers during the nine month off-season is overkill and does not make sense for the city. The recent events, however, do put priorities in perspective. With other demands on Myrtle Beach home owners, spending $10 million on a performing arts center doesn't make sense for the taxpayers of Myrtle Beach. Please think about a surge plan.

Bruce Burton

Myrtle Beach

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Memorial Day

Weekend’s madness

unbearable to visitors

I have been following The Sun News' stories about the Memorial Day weekend violence in Myrtle Beach. Just about all my life, I have been coming to the Grand Strand (I'm 63), since my father, the late retired Lieutenant General James. B. Vaught, was an Horry County native.

I was visiting the beach that weekend, and the ultra-loud noise from the motorcycles at all hours of the day and night was unbearable. Many of the visitors seemed to just "take over." I was sorry to hear about the shootings that marred the Memorial Day holiday weekend, but truthfully, not surprised. These unfortunate events were just waiting to happen.

More of the same could deter others from wanting to visit for the first time or return. Last Friday, as I drove toward home, it was the first time ever in all these years that I was glad to see Myrtle Beach in my rear view mirror. You can bet I will be sure to avoid any future biker-related events.

Cathy Vaught

Fayetteville, N.C.