Letters to the Editor

Letter | Thanks to earthly angels for canine rescue

I have often wondered why people never find out the names of the angels here on earth who help during an emergency, tragedy or miracle. Today, I understand completely.

Chances are the two guardian angels may never know how thankful I am that God put them in my path today. I can only hope that they read the paper and see my public thank you for being there for my precious Cocoa and me on May 29.

We have two dogs Camille and Cocoa. When they both go out in our back yard, Camille is older and she wants to immediately go back in. Cocoa loves to sit in the sun and she has never, ever moved. I went in the house and wiped Camille and went straight back out and Cocoa was gone. I absolutely panicked.

I went running through the neighborhood, calling for her, front and back. We live in a neighborhood that is off of a well traveled road here in Little River. A beautiful angel in a gray car came by and I guess she could see my distress! She rolled the window down and asked if I was looking for a small dog — she said there was a small white dog at the stop sign, getting ready to cross.

She said, “get in, I will get you around there quicker.” At that point, I would have gotten in with a mass murderer. But, I believe God sent her, so of course she had nothing but kindness and love in her heart. As we came around the corner, I could see Cocoa walking back into the development in front of my second guardian angel whose name I didn't get.

My first angel drove as fast as she could so that I could get close to my Baby Cocoa. When we got close enough, I jumped out of her car and ran toward Cocoa, never even looking back. I am so sorry for that,. I’m hoping she knew how very, very thankful I am for her blessing. As I got closer to Cocoa, she stopped and came to me. My second angel said he had stopped his vehicle and was trying to get Cocoa to come back away from the road. His insistence made her come back. He grabbed my arm and asked if I was OK. I was sobbing uncontrollably.

I do remember thanking him, but thanks is just a small payment for a Miracle. There is so much evil in this world today! But, there is also so much good — and through God's blessings we are reminded daily.

The writer lives in Little River.