Letters to the Editor

Letter | Give Myrtle Beach leaders a real taste of life at Memorial Day Bikefest

My husband was born, raised and owned a company along the Grand Strand. It is where we met, married and raised a family until about 10 years ago. It was at that time, we finally realized that our local leaders, had absolutely no interest in the bonafide concerns of the tax-paying citizens of the Grand Strand, and we moved to upstate South Carolina.

However, all of my husband's family still resides in the Grand Strand area. So when Mother's Day comes along, or Memorial Day, we have to call vs. visit our family simply because of the chaos that you, our leaders, have allowed to continue.

I, as well as other citizens of South Carolina, was appalled by the recent events during the 2014 Bikefest. But to add insult to injury, I was outraged at Mayor John Rhodes’ response that the city didn't have enough officers.

I'm sorry Mayor Rhodes, but simply put, bullhockey. The event comes the same time every year. You've had exactly 365 days to figure something out, and yet, neither you nor City Council have done so.

Instead of running away from NAACP threats, I have a suggestion. Next year (because we know the council isn't going to do a thing, other than give pretty speeches), make it mandatory that the leaders of the NAACP come on down and stay smack dab in the middle of this mess … along with their grandbabies. Furthermore, I feel the entire City Council should rent rooms as well, along with their families. Enjoy your stay.

The writer, who lived in Murrells Inlet, now lives in Gaffney.