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Letters | Applause for Harley rally; Solutions for Bikefest

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Harley rally fun,

even for non-bikers

I'm 58 years old, live in Connecticut, have a home in Murrells Inlet, and am not a biker. My wife and I got in about 9 p.m.. on May 17, cabbed it to the house, hopped in the car and headed to the Dead Dog Saloon.

After we ate, we decided to head up Business 17 to see what was going on. All I can say is it was a sight to behold, and I mean that in the most positive way you can imagine. People of all ages, shapes and sizes, bikers or otherwise, (not to mention a few cops) filled the streets. Bikes filled the lots on both sides, tents set up selling all kinds of stuff. I'm telling you was a lot of fun, just driving thru it.

I wasn't there at 3 in the morning, maybe then it's a different scene, but that ain't my scene anyway. I’ve heard Harley bike week is an enjoyable event. And if what I saw was any indication, that's the truth. As a business man, that's got to be a terrific boon for everyone. My hat's off to all those who were there, in whatever capacity. See you next year.

Bob Zawadski

Stratford, Conn.; Murrells Inlet

Time for leaders

to halt the rallies

When is enough enough? Has local government chosen pure greed for the all mighty dollar rather than the safety, security of local residents?

This event now brings with it the gangs, violence. Is that the kind of publicity we want associated with Myrtle Beach? Why would families want to come here, ever?

It’s evident, even with our great police force, there is not enough police presence to govern this crowd. Our option? It looks like we need to have the National Guard assist during this event. Looks like the only way to protect citizens.

When are the local governments going to help the locals that want to reclaim the city and beaches during this holiday? The violence during Memorial Day weekend was associated with Bikefest, maybe indirectly, but related none the less.

We deserve better.

B.T. Elliott

North Myrtle Beach

Another alternative

to Bikefest problem

I may be wrong, but I believe the Atlantic Beach bike rally is a substantial revenue steam for the town.

I suggest you find out how much they make and compare it to the total cost of defending anarchy for the weekend and if the numbers are close, pay Atlantic Beach their profit and then abolish the rally. It’s all about money.

Stephen Cornelius

North MyrtleBeach