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Letters | U.S. math scores add up to sad future; Congress should have no say in Redskins’ name; Time has come to end both Myrtle Beach-area rallies

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U.S. math scores

add up to sad future

I just read a report on a study comparing math abilities in schools of different countries. The study says that the U.S. as a country is No. 27 compared with other countries.

I can't help but wonder whether the U.S. schools are producing such poor results because of many things but not because of money spent. Reasons could include lack of parental involvement in students' efforts, poor teaching (overall), too many pressures on students to spend too much time on non-academic activities, etc. Another possible overall problem could be a general belief that "the government" will educate the children.

Let's not forget that we want our people to grow up loved, admired, happy and useful contributors to our country. Parents are central to making these ideals possible.

The report I mentioned was about only math education, but we all need some grounding in math in our technological world. Those who master more math can become the ones who generate the next technologies and that would place our country where we want to be — out front.

Barry Kirkham

Calabash, N.C.


Congress should have

no say in team’s name

I am confused, as usual, with our illustrious Congress, and their choice of importance in choosing an agenda. One would think that with all of the important problems that need immediate attention in our country, renaming the Washington Redskins would be the least important item to be addressed.

As the name “Redskin'” has been with Washington's NFL team for many many years, why not allow the NFL powers-that-be solve that problem within their ranks. Why not get to the obvious greater, much more important problems facing this great country.

There are so many problems facing this country that we seem to be falling into a cavern with no exit. Both sides of the aisle are at fault. All three levels of our government seem to be defying the Constitution.

James M. Stewart

Little River


Time has come to end

both motorcycle events

Let's put the Bikefest fiasco where it belongs, not on the mayor of Myrtle Beach or law enforcement, but on the motel and business owners. Mayor Rhodes tried to curtail the rallies a few years ago only to meet fierce opposition from them.

EMS and police should not be required to put their lives at risk for thousands of bikers. It is not safe or fair to them.

Local residents cannot leave their homes to celebrate Mother's Day or Memorial Day and feel safe. The rallies have gotten too big and out of control. Why would you consider raising taxes to add more law enforcement, when the logical solution is to stop the rallies.

Celeste Bigham

Surfside Beach