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Curb the violence

or lose the visitors

My husband and I love to visit Myrtle Beach, especially on long weekends. This Memorial Day weekend we brought along our daughter and grandson (2 1/2 years old).

After the numerous shootings in Myrtle Beach, we are seriously considering not returning on Memorial Day in the future. I urge the Council to take a serious look at biker weekends and whether the revenues outweigh visitor safety.

You may reap significant revenues on this weekend, but you'll lose far more visitors if you don't address the violence.

Dorothy Jenkins

Charlotte, N.C.


headline here

Another year of traffic gridlock on Kings Highway. Now this year we had a couple of shootings. Let’s hope the Bikefest learns from this. Trash on side streets, riding on the sidewalk, they have no respect for our town.

How would they feel if we did the same in their town? But maybe they would not care. Our city was taken over by cars and bikes. The city should do something.

Sandy Burkholder

Myrtle Beach

Atlantic Beach should

pay for costs beyond borders

Atlantic Beach sponsors Bikefest, collects fee from vendors and then leaves the cities of North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach to clean up all the mess, spend countless tax dollars on extra police patrols, trash etc.

I lost count of the number of shootings this weekend.

Does Atlantic Beach reimburse these other towns, Horry County, etc. for all these taxpayer costs? If not, they should be required to do so. It amounts to the same thing as inviting a large group of people over for a barbeque, charging for it and then sending them all over to the next door neighbor to take care of.

Don Comfort

Myrtle Beach