Letters to the Editor

Letter | Wizards’ players showed cowardice in response to Sterling comments

When Rosa Parks got on the bus that day in Selma and decided not to sit in the back did she wonder if she does this how many innocent people will be hurt?

When Martin Luther King decided that a march was needed to showcase racism and discrimination in the United States, did he wonder if I do this, how many innocent people will this hurt?

When Medgar Evers and Malcolm X and the many thousands of people decided to speak out against racism putting their lives on the line, many activists and innocent bystanders lost their lives in the struggle. Did these people ever wonder how many innocent people would be hurt by their actions?

No they did not, thank God.

Now let’s turn our attention to Donald Sterling and the LA Wizards team. Mr. Sterling is an old bigoted, racist millionaire who was outed by his young girlfriend because he wouldn’t give her what she wanted, (can you imagine what she had to do to get those fancy cars, I don’t even want to think about it.)

What he said and believes is racist to the core. Mr. Sterling employs black African Americans to play basketball for him. They are all millionaires and many are multi-millionaires. The Wizards were facing a playoff game the day the story broke. What did these talented brave African Americans do?

Did they forfeit the game? Did they withdraw from the playoffs and cost Donald Sterling millions of dollars. No they did not. They said they called a team meeting and decided that too many innocent people would be affected (including them by the way). So these pampered athletes decided to put it all on the line, they turned their warm up pants inside out during the pre-game to protest.

That’s not how it works you spoiled brats, how it works is when, as an African American you face such blatant racism and bigotry, you fight if with all you have. If it hurts you financially consider yourself lucky it won’t cost you your life. It was your turn to stand up and you failed miserably, you all are nothing but a team of stingy cowards.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.