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Letters | Memorial Day service reminder of freedoms; Release of illegals unfathomable; Ending rally will solve the problem

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Memorial Day service

reminder of freedoms

Shortly before church services ended, the congregation sang the beautiful and patriotic song “America.” While I was singing I got choked up, because I felt quite sad.

I couldn't help but think about how intolerant so many Americans have become of the right to free speech that the First amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees, " prohibiting abridging the freedom of speech," among other freedoms.

The America of my youth (I'm a 66-year-old veteran) wasn't like this present state of intolerance and persecution for expressing divergent points of view. The great French writer and philosopher Voltaire (1694-1778) expressed it eloquently: "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

That's the way I've always felt about our freedom of speech. I put my life on the line, as did so many members of our armed forces who risked their lives to defend the freedoms guaranteed us by our U.S. Constitution.

Robert Somerville

Myrtle Beach


Release of immigrant felons

unfathomable decision

Re: May 24 letter from Jim Lyons, “Convicted illegals released back into population”

I looked it up, I am in utter shock. How can this possibly even be considered? Why has this not been reported in the news, cable or mainstream? This administration can't get one (hopefully innocent) American soldier out of a Mexican jail, but with the swipe of pen put 36,000 illegals, including murderers back out into our society.

Wake up people, Mr. Lyon's assessment of abuse of power at our highest level of government is spot on. And it sure seems criminal to me.

Dave Harter

North Myrtle Beach

Memorial Day

Violence scars holiday

that should be celebration

The Memorial Day weekend should be a time to remember our veterans and to celebrate the coming of a new summer.

In Myrtle Beach however we celebrate with police on every corner to contain a four-day biker rally that left three killed this year.

Myrtle Beach should be known as the No. 1 safe resort location in the country; not the four-day crime spree weekend where lives are lost and the city picks up the tab.

How can we stop this? Simple. Eliminate the rally.

Doug Ueland

Garden City