Letters to the Editor

Letter | A tale of two motorcycle rallies in the Myrtle Beach area

In reading the May 15 article "MB (Harley) rally struggles to regain status," one comment —"It's kind of disturbing that they (local accommodations and condos prohibiting motorcycles) still don't want us" — caught my attention.

As a new resident of Myrtle Beach I have heard many horror stories about the bike rallies. And there's one universal theme that everyone seems to dance around, and that is the fact that the two major bike rallies are quite different in impact on local residents.

One rally is generally described as non-destructive and non-threatening, the other is described as nightmarish, horribly destructive and the participants are quite threatening and in your face.

So let's put this on a personal level. You have two daughters who visit your home regularly. One daughter's family is polite, non-destructive and non-threatening; the other daughter's brood destroys every heirloom not tucked away, is so loud the neighbors have to call the police and after they leave the house looks like a nuclear waste site.

I forgot to add that the government passed laws that said you had to either let both families visit or neither family visit. Your only option is to ban both daughters.

To the daughter who caused no problems you can only add your apologies. To the other, who threatened legal action if you banned her without banning the other, you just shake your head and start cleaning up the mess.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.