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Letters | VA problems and veterans; Turning down the din of May; Writer rewrites Clinton history

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Noise, traffic chase

away May visitors

Never ever, after 50 years, will we come to Myrtle Beach in May, and we may never come again.

Traffic and uncoordinated signals with nonexistent block numbers and never-ending South 17 vs. North 17. One street name with chronological numbering sure would be visitor friendly.

But the reason we will never return May is the chafing din created by thunderous Harleys early May and the drone of crotch rockets later. The constant irritation of overhead helicopters is wearing thin. We have a motorhome and camp at state parks. The cost is becoming too much, with all the inclusive taxes and fees. I thought Nikki Haley was a tea party anti-tax heroine to y'all.

Goodbye Miss Myrtle, we still love you.

Pat and Shannon Morgan

Charlotte, N.C.


VA woes prompt

new look at old complaint

Last year I sent letters to Sen. Tim Scott as well as Congressman Tom Rice about my inability to get health care at the VA. They investigated the problem and found no problems with my claims.

After this situation has come to light over the VA's handling of patient care, I reinstituted my letters to them. I finally received a call from Sen. Scott apologizing for his staff's mishandling of my problem and he has devoted a person to now look at this problem I reported.

As I told Sen. Scott, this problem had been going on long before President Obama took office. In fact I had been experiencing this problem since 2007.

Robert Taylor

Myrtle Beach


Writer rewrites history

on Clinton impeachment

Re: May 20 letter from Frank Menadier, “Clinton relationship with GOP not a rosy one”

Mr. Menadier claims Republicans are "classic history revisionists" then goes on to say that they (Republicans) tried to impeach Bill Clinton for his "dalliance" with an intern.

Bill Clinton was brought up for impeachment for lying to a Grand Jury, not for his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Who's revising history?

Dan O'Neill

Murrells Inlet


Leaders need to rethink

wars, veteran treatment

As a veteran of two wars, Korea and Vietnam, I was thinking, if the selfish old men on Capitol Hill in Washington would stop sending the young, unselfish youth of America to foreign wars we have no business participating in, we would not have so many veterans seeking help from Veterans Administration hospitals throughout our great country.

If those same old, selfish men would furnish more monetary assistance to the VA, instead of their own selfish pay raises, our veterans would, should, have the care they need and deserve.

Lou Mayhew