Letters to the Editor

Letter | Eisner is the best choice for education

I had the pleasure of serving with Harvey Eisner for six years on the Horry County Board of Education. There are four things, from my perspective, that District 1 voters should know about Harvey.

First, he has been a forceful, energetic, and effective representative of the schools in the North Myrtle Beach attendance area. Second, he has also been a thoughtful and vigorous advocate for all of the schools in Horry County. Third, he brings a strong background of having been himself a district-wide administrator in Illinois (fortunately for Harvey, this was not in Chicago). That is a rare quality in a school board member. One of the many impressive things about Harvey is that he never says things such as, "Well, this is how we did it back in Illinois."

Rather he uses that experience to show us how well Horry County Schools operate on a comparative scale, not to mention an absolute basis. Fourth, Harvey has a rare capacity to bring discussions back to the central point when they veer away from that point, as they can easily do when twelve people are involved.

North Myrtle Beach and the county as a whole have benefitted greatly from Harvey's unique set of qualifications and skills.

The writer lives in Burgess.