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Letters | Support cited for incumbents, newcomers across the region

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Pick Bob Anderson

for Georgetown County

Bob Anderson has done an outstanding job representing the Waccamaw Neck and District 6 on the Georgetown County Council.

He listens to his constituents, and those who accuse him of not listening to them are really saying he did not do what they wanted him to do. In all my dealings with Mr. Anderson he has been attentive to my comments and weighs them in developing his position which is always based on what is good for the Neck and Georgetown County. He deserves another four-year term.

Thomas A Mac Donnell

Pawleys Island

Anderson best choice

on county council

I'm not on Georgetown County Council, but I support members who I think will represent me and my ideas as to what power we, the people, grant to local government. I like to think that we, the people, still have a say. That said, we expect people who we ask to represent us to do their due diligence, then step up and express themselves, as our representatives, on matters that affect our community and/or each of us personally.

We don't expect perfection, but we expect a continuous effort toward that goal.

Bob Anderson, based on careful observation over his four years on County Council, has worked diligently from the start in pursuit of good government, and deserves our strong and continued support. Further, Georgetown County Council (seven members), is a team – a team working on behalf of the entire county; Bob is no bench warmer on that team; he's a key player that makes the team stronger.

Charlie Luquire

Pawleys Island

Pick Ryhal, Winters

in June 10 primary

In a few short days we will be called to the polls for an important election and a significant number of voters are unaware of this opportunity. Many of us in House District 56 have followed the tremendously successful first term of Michael Ryhal and it is imperative to keep him in office.

A low voter turnout could affect his re-election. School Board District 3 was vacated when Joe DeFeo became chairman and we have an excellent prospect to replace him. Ray Winters is a well educated attorney who has a child in our school system. Please take the time to review the candidates and cast your vote on June 10. Don’t let a small turnout negatively affect these offices.

Tony McDonald

Myrtle Beach

Smith has signed

the no-tax pledge

Living within one's means has not only been a theme of Clif Smith's candidacy for Horry County Council, but it's been a lifelong principle of Clif's as a small business owner in the district for 35 years.

Clif believes so strongly in this principle that he has aligned himself with statewide conservative leaders like Gov. Nikki Haley and Senator Tim Scott by signing the SC Association of Taxpayers' No-New-Tax Pledge. He's the only candidate in the race to make the pledge and put it in writing.

I applaud Clif's principle stand for taxpayers. He understands that county council cannot continue to raise taxes for families and businesses. Clif will work hard to manage the county's budget and look to cut wasteful spending and deliver county services as cost efficiently as possible.

Hal Heidt

Murrells Inlet

Vaught a good neighbor,

great choice for council

I am very fortunate to live next door to Johnny Vaught in District 8. Although I know he takes this position very seriously, attending County Council meetings, political events, and walking the neighborhoods meeting people in his district, he hasn’t lost touch with who he is as a neighbor.

Johnny is the man on the street that anyone can call on to help cut down a fallen tree, pick them up when their car has broken down, help fix their vacuum, and scoop water out during a house flood. When a special tax district was proposed for our neighborhood, Johnny gathered and organized the neighbors who then voted and overwhelmingly defeated it.

The list of selfless acts of service to his neighbors goes on and on. Without a doubt, this is the kind of person I want to represent my district. Your neighborhood is his neighborhood.

Melissa Moynihan


Anderson has supported

law enforcement, safety

I'm a supporter of law enforcement officers, and as a member of the Georgetown County Sheriff's Board, I've seen how hard County Councilman Bob Anderson has worked to get pay levels up to where they should be for our highly trained officers.

I'm a member of the Midway Fire Department Board. Over the past several years it had become increasingly obvious that our Midway fire fighters and emergency medical responders were being paid far less salary than their counterparts anywhere in the area. We were hemorrhaging personnel at an alarming rate. We needed to increase the pay for Midway Fire & Rescue people. Bob Anderson fought hard for that much overdue increase. We need his continued leadership on county council.

Steve Harris

Litchfield Beach

Kathy Ward for

probate judge

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Kathy Ward for 19 years. She is knowledge of the law and most qualified candidate.

As Probate Judge, Kathy will go above and beyond her duties to serve the people of Horry County. She is a sincere person and will serve well as our Probate Judge.

Carmen Floyd


Go to polls for primary

to ensure fall success

Sadly, most people ignore the primary elections. They fail to realize they are allowing someone else select the candidates for the fall election. Low turnouts leave their choice to a narrow voting bloc.

In the Republican primary, the slogan today is "Beat the Establishment" (whoever that may be). Anti -establishment forces assured the election of Harry Reid in Nevada and nominated unelectable candidates in four other states in the elections of 2010 and 2012. The end result is the U.S. Senate remains in control of Harry Reid Democrats.

When you vote in the Republican primary, please vote for a person who offers more than being anti-establishment, and who can win in the fall election and take control of the Senate away from Harry Reid.

H. H Olson

Murrells Inlet