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Give Garland

your support

If you would like to continue the current conservative and responsible approaches to governing, vote for Jeffrey Garland as the Republican candidate for State House District 58.

Jeffrey has a long history of public service in Horry County as a police officer and current member of the school board. He is knowledgeable about budgeting and finance, with degrees in accounting and business administration. He supports economic development, less government and will promote growth through low taxes and less regulation. He has integrity, high moral values, will listen to citizens and work for a conservative, common sense approach to solving issues in District 58, Horry County, and South Carolina.

Linda Elvington

Galivants Ferry

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Edmonds’ experience equals

best choice for probate judge

I have been interested in the position of Probate Judge for many years. My grandfather, J. S. Vaught, Sr, served in that position for 24 years until his death at 84.

Deirdre Edmonds was elected in 2002 as Probate Judge for Horry County. She had 15 years of experience in law practice with The Bellamy Law Firm in Myrtle Beach and the Law Office of Kathryn Cook DeAngelo in Surfside Beach prior to being elected. She was well prepared immediately upon her election to perform the duties required in the position, due to her broad legal background in various fields.

Many improvements have been made in the Probate Court due to her passion and compassion, to provide a legally effective and efficient probate system to benefit the citizens who need these services.

Judge Edmonds’ hard work, dedication and leadership skills combined with a broad legal background of experience have been a great asset to the Horry County taxpayers.

Annie Lou Spivey


Re-elect Edmonds

to probate post

We have been fortunate to have Judge Deirdre Edmonds as our Probate Judge in Horry County for the past 12 years. Judge Edmonds is a learned jurist with extensive legal education, background, and experience. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law and currently serves on the Probate Judges Advisory Committee at the request of the Chief Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court.

As an attorney practicing in Horry County for almost 40 years. I have spent a significant portion of my practice to estate planning and probate matters. I have practiced in Judge Edmonds’ Court for the last 12 years and before other Horry County probate judges for decades before that. I have seen first-hand Judge Edmonds’ dedication and commitment to the litigants, citizens and attorneys who appear before her.

She has made great improvements to our Probate Court and is the best candidate for the job.

Otis Allen Jeffcoat III

Myrtle Beach