Letters to the Editor

Letter | Ryhal best choice for District 56

Two years ago, I moved to the Carolina Forest area and was a first-time voter in South Carolina. I made my decision for state representative based on an effort by one of the candidates to remove the opposition through a lawsuit.

I believe that it was wrong to remove a candidate using the courts rather than the voting process. I voted for Mike Ryhal.

Since that time, I made an effort to meet and talk to Rep. Ryhal and have gotten to know his opponent on a first name basis. Rep. Ryhal has impressed me with his quiet determination to improve government and infrastructure in the area.

He impressed me with the research he has done to learn about infrastructure remedies for the growth of the Carolina Forest area. He has studied and researched road projects, funding sources, and process for getting projects started.

In addition, he has worked to improve the ethics laws of the state and to improve the elections process. In my years I have never met an elected official who has worked harder to serve his constituency. The widening of U.S. 501 was the direct result of his efforts.

Recently, I attended two events where Rep. Ryhal and his challenger met to exchange views. At both events Rep. Ryhal made his presentation with honesty and humility. He educated the audience as to his accomplishments and his rationale for making decisions.

His performance renewed my conviction that Rep. Mike Ryhal is my choice to represent Carolina Forest in Columbia.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach