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Letters | Myrtle Beach arts center plan doesn’t add up for taxpayers; Support Duckworth on June 10

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Why should taxpayers

pay price for center

I have read with interest about the proposed performing arts center and have trouble understanding the urgency of a facility that can neither pay for it's construction nor the majority of it's operating costs. There are a number of performing arts venues in Myrtle Beach including the Palace, the Alabama Theater, Legends in Concert and House of Blues to name a few and I assume each of these facilities pay their construction/rent and operating costs and still generate a profit.

Yet the economic model for the performing arts center anticipates a sustained loss. As I read in the paper, us property owners will pay $10 million to build the facility and 70 percent of the approximately $450,000 annual operating costs. Based on these figures the center will only generate 30 percent or $135,000 of its operating costs. It also has been reported that almost 54 percent of voters supported this initiative which also means that more than 46 percent of voters did not support it and since there was no incentive for non- property owners to vote no, I cannot determine how much of this small majority will actually be paying the bill.

The paper also reported that Myrtle Beach faces an $800,000 budget deficit that could be paid for by property owners. As a retired former C.P.A., I believe the Myrtle Beach city council needs to go back to the drawing board and develop a better economic model for the taxpayers. Property owners already pay enough tax without funding money losing propositions.

Bruce Burton

Myrtle Beach

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Give Duckworth your

support in primary

With the state of government today we need more participation from concerned citizens instead of “professional politicians” who spend their life in public office. That is why we are voting for Greg Duckworth for S.C. House District 104 on June 10th.

Greg Duckworth served three terms as a member of the North Myrtle Beach City Council and did an outstanding job.

The incumbent for SC House District 104 was first elected to his office 18 years ago. He has already served 9 terms as a representative. We think we’ll do better, and government will be better without “professional politicians” who spend their lives isolated from us, the electorate. Please help us change the system and vote for Greg Duckworth.

Bob and Pat Bava

North Myrtle Beach

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