Letters to the Editor

Letter | Article sparks memories, appreciation from Myrtle Beach resident

As an historical and human interest writer, I cannot find enough words to thank The Sun News for a WWII Holocaust article featured on page 2 of the Local section on April 30: “Soldier shares Holocaust remembrance.”

As the son of a now deceased WWII Army soldier, I knew dad had been an MP (military policeman) in Nuremberg, Germany with the Occupation Forces. After his death, mother gave me all of his WWII items, but I never knew what one piece of paper was: a “Visitor Gallery Pass.”

It was not until a couple of years ago that the U.S. Library of Congress verified what it was: a pass that allowed the bearer to attend a session of the famous Nuremberg War Crimes' Trails that involved accused Nazis who murdered Jews, handicapped and others who did not meet their approval.

Dad never talked about the “pass” or the trial session. The man on trail that day as verified by the U.S.L.O.C was none other than Hermann Goering I.

The Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. has requested I donate this pass, but I simply cannot as it is part of dad’s life in history, the Holocaust and “The Greatest Generation.”

Dad also brought home, legally, a Lugar holster which has upon it a Nazi death squad emblem of the Totenkopf and the embossed Swastika and the date of 1939.

In 2012, I shared my information with Jewish actor Ed Asner who then wrote me two letters tell me about his aunt and uncles who died or were executed because of the Nazis.

Let’s hope someone can get this Holocaust exhibit that has been at the Statehouse into the Myrtle Beach area, where so many WWII veterans now live. Thanks again to The Sun News.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.