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Letters | Return Deirdre Edmonds to probate office; Teach, don’t drug, toddlers; Myrtle Beach-area leaders deserve credit for demanding decency

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Return Deirdre Edmonds

to probate judge office

I was employed as a clerk with the Horry County Probate Court when Judge Deirdre Edmonds first took office. From day one, Judge Edmonds began an extensive program to train the entire staff about the probate matters so that we could better assist the public.

The level of knowledge and understanding by the staff increased 100-fold after Judge Edmonds took office. Under her leadership and direction, our probate court transformed into the professional and efficient court it is today.

Judge Edmonds is the consummate professional. She treats her staff fairly, impartially, and respectfully; but in turn, expects the staff to work diligently and effectively to serve the people of this county. I have witnessed the long hours that Judge Edmonds works and the dedication she has for her job. Please join me in voting for Judge Deirdre Edmonds' reelection in the June 10th Republican primary.

Jonelle Gordon Adcock

North Myrtle Beach


Visitor applauds efforts

to demand decency from visitors

I applaud the officials and residents of the Myrtle Beach area to require common decency and respect from people who visit there, and bikers are know exception, no matter how they affect the economy.

To see women on the backs of motorcycles with nothing but a thong between their legs is a disgusting sight. And to hear motorcycles up and down the streets at all hours at night is disturbing.

We have been vacationing in Myrtle Beach for 45 years because it has a reputation of being a family friendly city. We have changed our vacation time to avoid the motorcycle dates. Most of the motorcyclists are the caliber of people you enjoy being with. They probably don't care for lawless people either.

So what if there are fewer bikers. Most citizens of the Myrtle Beach area don't benefit from them anyway, and after all, it is their town.

Dorothy Sigmon


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Use discipline, not drugs

to teach your children

I am in shock having read that 10,000 toddlers ages 2 and 3 being treated for ADHD with drugs. Is it any wonder we are being over run with drug addicts?

What has happened to obedience training and, when needed, a tap on the rear. Don’t their parents have the time to teach and help them? And I wonder what is the reward to the doctors who prescribe and administer these drugs. The American Medical Association should police some of the goings on.

Connie Smith

Myrtle Beach