Letters to the Editor

Letter | Communities must work together toward motorcycle rally solutions

OK, residents, have you had enough? A weekend supposedly dedicated to remember those who died serving our country has turned deadly. Isn't it great our military fought and died so Atlantic Beach could sponsor an out-of-control motorcycle rally where people were killed? So, we call out the state police next year. What's next? The National Guard?

All communities along the Grand Strand need to work together to develop a plan to deal with these motorcycle rallies. It really doesn't matter if the bikers are the ones involved in the violent behavior; obviously the crowds they attract are a problem.

A simple solution would be for the legislature to pass a statewide helmet law that would essentially force the rallies elsewhere, but since that makes too much sense, other solutions must be explored. Gun control laws? Who will enforce them? It would take an army of police and the criminals wouldn't obey the laws anyway.

It is going to take months to repair the reputation of Myrtle Beach as a safe, family friendly place. This, just after Myrtle Beach was rated a number one tourist destination. I wonder how many people have already canceled reservations and decided to go to another vacation spot this summer due to news reports of the violence.

Probably the best idea is to cancel the rallies entirely. That would be a shame for all of those law-abiding riders who come here to ride and enjoy themselves. But, for those of us who live here, it will be a relief not to be afraid to leave our houses during the month of May.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach