Letters to the Editor

Letters | Support Clif Smith for Horry council; Return Tracy Edge to statehouse; Fly your flag with pride to support our troops and veterans

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Clif Smith is best choice

for county council

I’m glad to see Clif Smith running for Horry County Council. As a long-time resident of District 5 and area businessman, Clif is committed to representing area residents and our quality of life.

He’ll bring a straight-forward, common sense approach to county issues. His business experience will be a real plus for county council. With his 35 years of living and working in the district, Clif knows the needs of the area very well. He will listen to the concerns of residents and represent their interests, not those of special interests.

I’m thankful that Clif Smith is willing to serve on county council. It’s great to have an excellent choice for area voters.

Sandra Bundy

Murrells Inlet


Memorial Day perfect time

to show American pride

On this Memorial Day, I hope you displayed the flag to support our veterans, please show our support for the loved ones who lost their loved ones during Afghanistan and elsewhere.

It’s so good to see so many American flags displayed at our homes and our workplaces, schools and churches. But we must do better. There are so many flag poles with no flags. We need to show our veterans we care and have confidence in our servicemen and women.

Our heroes are willing to risk everything to defend our country and fight around the world wherever they are called to do. So let’s stand behind the men and women in uniform who are fighting for our freedom. Let’s be proud to fly the American flag each and every day.

William E. Saffle

Myrtle Beach


Support Tracy Edge,

he’s working for us

I was at a meeting a few weeks ago where Tracy Edge talked about the budget and how our taxes are lower today than when he came into office.

Tracy is always looking for ways to help fund projects for our city. Through his position on the Ways and Means committee, Tracy has done a great job for us: from bringing home $1.5 million in January to help North Myrtle Beach pay for the Main Street ocean outfall project to proposing legislation to eliminate criminals’ ability for second offense bonds, which helps make our communities safer.

Tracy continues to find ways to bring money to North Myrtle Beach. Tracy loves our city and is respectful of its citizens. He is honest and an all-around good guy. Show your support and say thank you for all he has done for our city by voting to return him as the S.C. House as our representative for District 104 on June 10.

Neal Palmer

North Myrtle Beach