Letters to the Editor

Letters | Return Bob Anderson to Georgetown County Council; Todd’s experience makes her good school board choice; Support Brent Schulz for re-election

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Georgetown County needs

Bob Anderson in office

Since taking office, Councilman Bob Anderson has been guiding Georgetown County without bias, being conscious of his district needs and desires, but always considerate of the other council members.

Council District 6 is one of the fastest growing in the county, and through Councilman Anderson’s efforts, Council has been able to balance the growth, retain the community atmosphere, and improve the commercial growth along the U.S. 17 corridor.

As a member of the County Architectural Review Board, Bob’s opponent Steve Goggans voted to give the big box developer who was going to bring Walmart to Pawleys Island a special exemption from complying with the overlay zone rules, effectively gutting the appearance standards.

We can count on Bob Anderson to stand up for our quality of life and not side with the big-box developers.

I strongly recommend Bob Anderson for reelection so he can continue his effective representation. He is one of the great leaders of our county and knows how to get things done in an efficient manner.

Howard Ward

Pawleys Island

Todd’s experience makes her

good school board choice

Sherrie Todd, a longtime local teacher, is well-suited to be elected to the Horry County Board of Education.

Ms. Todd has for years been dedicated to improving the learning experiences of students in our area. Her knowledge of the ins and outs of the school system will serve as an asset to all of us. In addition, her principled strength makes her uniquely positioned to take on the bureaucrats that cripple our schools. Let's elect Sherrie Todd for school board and we'll get a caring educator and a strong leader instead of just another politician.

Mande Wilkes

Myrtle Beach

Return Brent Schulz

to county council

I would like to highly recommend District 2 Horry County Councilmember Brent Schulz to another term on council.

Brent has brought much to his district as well as the county as a whole. I’m very happy to see the new public boat ramp opened and full of residents and visitors that he envisioned and championed to completion; his public safety initiative for our waterways, rivers and marshes; and his ability to work with securing local, state and federal funds to be used right here in Horry County for so many worthwhile projects that either have been completed or are ongoing still today.

A vote for Brent is a vote for leadership. I was proud to serve with Brent while a Horry County Councilman myself, and I gladly continue this relationship in the SC House of Representatives. Please cast your ballot for my friend and an extremely qualified elected official, Brent Schulz.

Kevin Hardee


Hardee is the representative for House District 105.