Letters to the Editor


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Exploration needed

of off-shore resources

The possibilities offered by the Mid-Atlantic Continental Shelf are truly remarkable. Over three decades ago it was estimated the shelf comprised 3 billion barrels of oil and 30 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

An infusion of resources at this level would have a profound impact on both our economy and national security. Greater employment opportunities would emerge, particularly in our area, given the port in Georgetown. The harnessing of these resources would also greatly aid our nation in becoming less dependent on foreign energy sources, helping us to become more economically secure.

I hope the current administration examines this matter and at least allows surveys to be performed to determine accessibility. There’s simply too much potential along the shelf to arbitrarily discount.

Peggy Thibodeau



Brent Schulz the right choice

for council re-election

As a resident of Horry County Council District 2, I would like to congratulate Councilman Brent Schulz on all the great accomplishments that he has brought to our district and county.

A concerned and consistent representative, Brent has been a leader on council and gets things done. From our beautiful new boat landing on Hwy 22, to cleaning up our waterways from abandoned boats and property, to supporting public safety and property rights all while keeping our taxes low.

If you need him, just call him, he always answers his phone. I highly recommend Brent to another term on council and enthusiastically encourage my friends and neighbors to support him also.

Adam Parness


Stop ignoring critical issue

of immigration reform

I agree with the other letters to the editor that have appeared. This issue is very real and has major implications on the economy. Immigration has to be brought under control soon. Our schools, hospitals and social services are quickly becoming overwhelmed.

With most baby boomers now reaching retirement, I’m not sure how our economy will be able to make these services available to everyone. It’s time we took control of this situation once and for all.

It is my hope the U.S. House of Representatives will act and pass purposeful immigration reform soon.

Matt Fry

Myrtle Beach