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Letters | Thanks to Honor Flight vets & volunteers; Vote Vaught in District 8; Proactive tent ban better than reacting to disaster

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Honor Flight

Thanks to vets,

and volunteers

It was my pleasure to serve as guardian for Christian Holland on the honor flight to the World War II memorial on April 16. We had a wonderful flight and an inspirational tour of the many memorials honoring our servicemen and women through many of the wars that were so gallantly fought.

The day was filled with many smiles and much laughter and many times tears were shed. I would like to say "Hats off to Walter and his crew" for all their hard work and total organization. From the departure of our flight to our return to Myrtle Beach, no stone was left unturned.

It was with honor and dignity that we walked through the many gracious friends and neighbors who awaited our return. How wonderful to be greeted by the young folks in the Girl and Boy Scouts of America. Again many thanks to all who took part volunteering time and service for this glorious day. It will be remembered for a long time to come.

Roy Catholdi

Myrtle Beach


Pro-active ban better

than reacting to disaster

The topic of tents on the beaches has probably been over discussed, but I wish to respond to the comments by Bill Parker. I think it's best that tents are banned on the beaches. I see many tents left on the beach after the family goes home because the tents aren't needed any more.

I see tents where the sun has shifted and the family is outside the tent. This is space that could be used by others except the tent is still claiming beach space. Also Mr. Parker writes that the rationale behind the ban of tents due to public safety concerns is not a factor and that no facts have been presented to support the claim.

I say it's best to be pro-active before an emergency situation occurs than to be re-active after an emergency situation has gone bad due to delays caused by too many tents blocking the path of those attempting to render aid.

Paula Titus

Myrtle Beach


Vote Vaught to bring

leadership to council

On June 10, the residents of District 8 will have the opportunity of voting in the Republican primary for our County Council representative. Johnny Vaught is one of those candidates.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Johnny Vaught most of my life. He is friendly, approachable, intelligent, honest and trustworthy. He is a man of high morals and impeccable character and a great leader. A trait of his that impresses me most is his no-nonsense common sense approach in tackling issues and tasks. I whole heartily endorse his candidacy for Horry County Council.

Rod McCormick