Letters to the Editor

Letter | Support Ottwell, a true Republican, for Horry County council

During the political campaign season, candidates enjoy playing charades of deception. Allow me to explain. I recently attended a meeting at the South Strand Recreational Center where Tyler Servant, a Republican candidate for Horry County Council’s District 5 was hosting an event.

During the course of small talk, an aide to Mr. Servant came along and took a photo of me. That aide also took pictures of two members of the South Strand Republican Club, which all have since shown up on Mr. Servant’s Facebook Page. I am not, nor have I ever been a supporter of Mr. Servant.

Let me set the record straight. I firmly support Republicans who want to carry the Republican banner of less and smaller government, cutting wasteful spending, no tax increases and above all believe and support the Second Amendment.

These are the principles I want to hear from all our candidates.

I have researched all of the candidates that are currently running for the District 5 County Council seat and as far as I am concerned the best candidate for the job is Chuck Ottwell. Mr. Ottwell’s business credentials are superb. He is an MBA graduate, an auditor, a former small business owner, a Mason, a member of the Grand Strand Opera Workshop, and many more businesses, social groups and organizations.

In conclusion, I respectfully ask you to vote for Chuck Ottwell as a candidate who possesses experience, finesse, the determination and drive to bring District 5 and Horry County into the 21st Century where it belongs. When Chuck Ottwell talks, people should listen.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.