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Letters | Kathy Ward for probate judge; Criminal aliens released in U.S.; Tell Congress to focus on immigration

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Kathy Ward best choice

for probate judge

This letter is to endorse Kathy Ward as the Republican candidate for Horry County Probate Judge. I believe Kathy Ward has the knowledge, competence, and compassion to serve the citizens of Horry County.

I base my endorsement on my experience in the Horry County Probate Court between 2007 and 2012. It was during this time that my father became demented and later died. My father had decided how he wanted to be cared for and where he wanted his farm and money to go at his death prior to becoming demented. It was an excellent plan that equally divided his assets between his children and their families.

His story is recorded in the case files of Dolphus Winfred Carroll in the Horry County Probate Court. It is time to protect the elderly and their assets. I believe Kathy Ward is the person to do this in Horry County

Leila Miriam Carroll



Convicted illegals released

back into population

The Center for Immigration Studies issued its annual report, which states that this past year ICE released 36,000 convicted illegal aliens who were to undergo deportation proceedings. It has been described as the largest jail break in history.

Here is the breakdown of those released: 193 convicted of homicide, 426 convicted of sexual assault, 303 convicted of kidnapping, 1,076 convicted of aggravated assault, 9,180 dangerous drug convictions, 1,160 stolen vehicle convictions, 16,070 DUI, drugs or alcohol and 303 escaped prisoners.

So now they are free to prey on the citizens again. The continued refusal of this president to enforce existing laws, and to make up his own laws is now way past criminal. He, Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security, along with the cheerleaders in Congress should be considered a Criminal Enterprise under the Federal RICO statute. I am standing by, awaiting the indictments.The Roman Empire only lasted a couple of hundred years and we are traveling that same road.

Jim Lyons

Murrells Inlet


Congress needs to act

on immigration issues

Today we hear a lot of talk in the media about unemployment, deficits, inflation, energy prices, etc., but what we aren’t hearing is a real discussion on immigration reform and the defectiveness of our current system.

Immigration impacts employment levels and it can lead to spending deficits if social programs are overwhelmed forcing congress to simply borrow the money to cover the excess. It’s time for the U.S. House of Representatives to step up and really deal with this problem. I urge the public to contact our Congressman, Tom Rice, and urge him to start addressing this extremely important issue.

Shawn Kacar

Myrtle Beach