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Letters | Clif Smith best choice for fiscal responsibility; Return Bob Anderson to Georgetown County; What is Myrtle Beach doing about prostitution problem?; Taxpayers paying for wealthy folly in building on coastline

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Clif Smith best choice

for fiscal responsibility

When it comes to managing a nearly $400 million budget who do you want handling your hard-earned tax dollars? This is serious money that requires an individual with experience to make the tough decisions that will better our community as a whole, and not the special interests of a few.

Clif Smith, a Republican candidate for Horry County Council’s 5th district brings 35 years of experience running his own small business in the district to the table. He’s a proven candidate who will work to manage taxpayers’ money as he does his own – smartly, responsibly and successfully.

I urge the citizens of the 5th district to vote for Clif Smith on June 10th because we need leaders who understand the principle of fiscal responsibility.

Wayne Mershon

Murrells Inlet


Return Anderson

to county council

We have known Bob Anderson for many years. Bob is a true conservative and believes in God and our country. What we like most about Bob is that he cares. He cares about his church, family, friends, our state, our country and our county. Not just the district he lives in, but the entire county.

He will listen, he will do his homework on a project and he will make a decision based on fact.

Bob is a proud Conservative Republican who has strong beliefs and has been a champion for low taxes and limited government. He represents the residents of his district, not special interest groups. Join us in supporting Bob Anderson for re-election on June 10th in the Republican Primary and return him to the Georgetown County Council so he can continue the work he has started.

James E. and Joyce Jerow

Pawleys Island


What is city really doing

about prostitution problem?

Regarding the May 11 article on prostitution arrests in Myrtle Beach let me set some pressing questions to the city and Police Capt. David Knipes.

Is no one but me concerned that this address is right across the street from the school? Also, is no one else aware that our city turns a blind eye to the so called “escort service?” This service is kept going by golfers and of course the local taxi cab drivers love it because this is who these girls use to transport them from job to job.

By the way, are they being fined or just released to do this again? Better not come by the school again. We have a no tolerance sign posted for other things. This also should be one.

Dianne Vinson

Myrtle Beach


Taxpayers pay price

for wealthy folly

It’s funny how Joe Average can have problems with homes in a flood area, or overflowing rivers, and it’s Joe Average who must bear the brunt of the problem.

But let Mr. Moneybags in Debordieu have a problem due to his own foolishness (building too close to the surf line) and suddenly let’s pass exemptions to the law and the EPA be damned.

Dave Rudnicki