Letters to the Editor

Letter | Stick with Edge’s experience in District 104

As the primary campaign begins to wind down, the issue for Republican voters to consider is who among the candidates running in House District 104, is the most qualified and deserving of a vote.

To me, the best choice is Rep. Tracy Edge; why change horses in mid-stream? It makes no sense. Tracy Edge presently holds a very important committee assignment in the House of Representatives, the Ways and Means committee. He has chaired the sub-committee on Medicaid for several years, and he has performed admirably on this committee, by legislating health care bills effecting seniors and needy citizens of South Carolina.

His experience is going to be vital in the coming years in cutting the red tape of Obamacare and its burdensome tentacles. There is no question health care will be a problem in 2015 and beyond, this is one reason we need to re-elect Tracy Edge.

As we know experience, knowledge and ability counts, and thus Rep. Edge's opponent has none of these legislative traits to perform well in Columbia. Therefore, I ask why would anyone vote for a newly unknown entity as opposed to someone with experience, integrity, honesty and a commitment to do the best for the people of District 104? The choice is clear. A vote for Tracy Edge is the right one to make.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach