Letters to the Editor


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Praise for town’s

new sidewalk

Many thanks to N.C. Sen. Bill Rabon, the N.C. Department of Transportation, monies from the town of Calabash's budget, for the beautiful new sidewalks. There was controversy over these sidewalks, even a feud over $5,000.

The sidewalks have been heavily used by bikers, walkers, and baby strollers, so nice to see. They have beautified our little town and the most important factor is the safety of our residents, which is priceless.

Mary Ann Baker

Calabash, N.C.


707 widening a project

whose time has come

Re: May 7 letter from Gerald Duval, “Residents should have gotten to vote on 707 work”

This project has been going on for several years with all kinds of meetings where you could have voiced your opinions. This project has to go to bid in sections and this will take time. The money is budgeted for this project, which I believe may come in under budget.

If you ever drove S.C. 707 in the morning hours or later in the afternoon, you would realize why this road needs to be widened. There are so many developments along 707 with more traffic trying to enter or exit those housing developments that it is a nightmare trying to make a turn which backs up traffic on 707.

Besides, S.C. 31 will empty onto 707. I live off 707 and can't wait for the widening. I am waiting for all the problems you say this new road will cause. I can't think of one. Tell me you miss the "Old 707" after this project is complete.

George A. Bontya

Murrells Inlet

Death penalty

Prisoner could have been

executed same way he killed victim

The recent rant about the inhumane execution using IV drugs could be resolved by giving the defendant the option of dying the same way their victim died.

In this case the victim was shot and buried alive. America needs to remember the Code of Hammurabi. America needs to get tough on crime.

Lyda E. Greene

Myrtle Beach