Letters to the Editor

Letter | Support DiSabato in Dist. 56 race

The upcoming primary election is quickly coming upon us and it is time for the voters in District 56 to seriously review the candidates for our representative in the South Carolina legislature. After a thorough review of the candidates, their character, and their position on the issues, there is no question the best choice in our district is Dennis DiSabato.

The voters of the district should familiarize themselves with the candidates, faithfully research the issues, and review all of the information available on the each person on the ballot. Once your evaluation is complete I feel confident you will arrive at the inevitable conclusion Dennis is the best person for the job of representing our district in the legislature.

I recently met Dennis and was impressed with his openness and interest in discussing views and opinions from all sides to a variety of issues prior to forming an opinion on each that would best represents the interests of his constituents. He also stated one of his goals was to meaningfully interact with his constituents in periodic town hall meetings to illicit input and opinions from the people he would represent. This is a very meaningful position in that typically the only time we hear from most politicians is during campaign season when they are pursuing our vote.

Dennis strongly supports sound governing principles such as budgetary fiscal responsibility, lowering taxes, efficient government, implementing policies that attract business, middle class job creation, developing our infrastructure, and wisely spending our tax money on improving our education system. His sound judgment, common sense, and leadership on all of these issues is required to improve our district’s representation in our state government.

In closing, one of our most important roles as citizens is to thoughtfully review the candidates for office and take the time to select the most qualified person to represent us in our selective governments. I suggest that after reviewing the candidates in District 56 you will join me in strongly supporting and voting for Dennis DiSabato in the upcoming primary election. Simply put, it’s time for a positive change in District 56.

The writer lives in Conway.