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Letters | Don’t up my taxes to save Myrtle Beach golf course; U.S. wrong to broadcast rescue plan for Nigerian girls; Myrtle Beach arrests could haunt skinny dippers forever

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Save Whispering Pines,

but not with my taxes

The City Manager says that the change is mainly a shift in accounting in regards to Whispering Pines golf course. I am wondering if the property owners in Myrtle Beach know what this means?

The "shift" in accounting now will mean that all of the property owners within the city limits will bear the losses incurred by the golf course, through increases in our property taxes. The average annual losses of $250,000 adds up to a cool million just the past 4 years. What about the losses from prior years? What about future losses?

Everyone knows the area suffered through a harsh winter. As an avid golfer, I have seen damage to greens on courses all over our area. Did Whispering Pines incur the same? Maintaining the greens is a costly endeavor. Will this mean additional losses?

I support the city's running the course, but not it being funded from the general fund, thereby increasing our taxes.

C. Patel

Myrtle Beach


Arrests of skinny-dipper

overreaction by police

As to the seven people arrested for unlawful nudity around 2:30 a.m. according to a police report in Myrtle Beach, I'd like to remind the court that at hour there are no young children on the beach, so if they make these college students register as sex offenders, a charge that will haunt them the rest of their lives, it is a travesty of justice.

If a young child was present, the parent(s) should have been locked up instead of the skinny dippers. I can see police shooing the kids back to the hotel or threatening them with jail, but to arrest them is pointless.

You'd think Myrtle Beach Police would have better things to do, like catching a drunk driver or preventing a home invasion, than busting some kids, who are harming no one, by skinny dipping. I wonder if the arresting officers think outside of fines and headlines.

Tim St. John



Broadcasting rescue plan

could get girls killed

The Obama administration has announced to the world and to the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram that the United States is sending a team of military and law enforcement officers to assist in an attempt to rescue the hundreds of young girls kidnapped by this group.

Is it really that important to this president and his administration to get headlines at the risk of putting these young lives in even greater danger? Do they not think or do they not care that these fanatics will now expedite the killing or selling of the girls on the slave market? Can't these fools just just shut up once in a while.

Jim Lyons

Murrells Inlet